We’ve been listening for years in order to understand your needs.

We’re experts in shop and retail lighting solutions with a diverse product portfolio, customer-centric project management and 360 degree full service offers.

Our company is a leader in the Swiss market. Through innovative products, customer-oriented services and visionary technology, we’re also an important player on the international market as well.

Over the years, RD Lighting has acquired extensive know-how and a deep understanding of the individual needs of its customers, market challenges and technological possibilities.


  • Integration into the REGENT Luminaries Corporation Basel
  • Competence centre for retail lighting within the REGENT Group 
  • International growth in Europe and the Middle East


  • Creation of large-scale areas with a connected wattage under 10W/Sqm


  • Conversion to LED only products 
  • Full selection and delivery of complete LED products
  • Business partnership with Migros, Globus, Manor, Karstadt, Telekom


  • The first international, large-scale area equipped with LED is created in Zurich
  • Development of LED linear luminaries 


  • Founding of the RD Lighting Corporation
  • Development of modern HIT technology
  • Specialization in large retail areas